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Specializing in Groom & Groomsmen Shave, Cuts & Styling

We all know women enjoy taking care of their hair and skin.  As a matter-of-fact, women really fancy men who take good care of their hair and skin too!

That’s where we come in!



"The morning of my wedding Kristeena drove to our hotel with her equipment, towels and legitimate barber chair – which far exceeded my expectations! We setup the chair in the middle of the room overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and my groomsmen and I each had a shave with an old school single razor and neck clean-up. It was an amazing and perfect way to start the special day!! I highly recommend it especially with a few cocktails! " 

- Tim L.

"Kristeena has been my barber for the past 2 years. She is by far the best barber I have ever had. I am pretty picky about my haircut and tried about 5 different barbers before I finally found her.  Not only does she give a great haircut be she also does shaving for weddings. I brought my dad, father in law and best man to her shop the morning of my wedding for a straight shave. She greeted us with cold beer and gave me the closest shave of my life. It was a really great experience for me to share with  my family and friends. My wife was also a big fan of the close shave and thought it looked great for our pictures. If you have ever been on the fence about getting a straight shave you should definitely try her out, you won't regret it!"

     - Garrett G.

“As a man, I’ve always wanted to experience the feeling of being shaved. I was always apprehensive about the process since my skin is very sensitive. I linked up with Kristeena thru my long time stylist that recommended her. I later found out she did straight razor shaves for groomsmen and decided this was my chance! I started out with a few technical side fades for my hair and found her quality of work to be amazing, her attention to detail, patients and overall style was what I was looking for. So one day I decided, let’s do the shave! The experience was what I always thought it would be…refreshing. She started with a hot towel process that opened up my pores, followed with a relaxing facial to get my skin ready. Her sensitive approach and precision made me feel comfortable and pampered, it was worth every penny. My face felt clean, my shave was close, there’s nothing like it. I can’t wait for my groomsmen to experience the same feeling, while we talk old times, sip whiskey and enjoy the true experience of being shaved by one of the best!”

- Mike P.  

“I got Kristeena for a pre-wedding shave and cleanup. Totally worth it! It's hard as the groom to sit there waiting and waiting with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs...we are guys, we're ready and five seconds. Having the shave and trim helps take the focus away, and man did it help me relax a bit. Kristeena puts a ton of effort into her work and it's obvious she cares how you look, and how YOU care about how you look. Get and don't regret it!"

- Tony R.

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